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Preparing petri dish - (Aug/02/2006 )

can anyone explain to me why should a pertri plate be discarded if media is splashed up the side to the top?


i suppose its personal preference,

if they have antibiotics in them i would tend to use them

if you are confident that it will not affect your work then go ahead, though depending on the nature of the bug to cultured this may change.

if you are worried about contamination you can always incubate a couple and see what grows

if the plate has a large nummber of bubbles these can be removed by flaming before they set

hope this helps


I really see no reason to waste perfectly good plates. In fact I have used such plates many times (I am often clumsy) without ever noticing a problem.
Personnal preferences I suppose?


I agree its more of a personal preference. I rarely discard plates on that case. But i think its on a case to case basis


i guess the answer to the why? part of this question is, because people are worried about contamination - lids are wobbly, bugs can get in and then contaminate your plate/sample


I have used such plates many times without ever noticing a problem.