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seperation of epithelial cells and fibroblast from a biopsie - a culture of epithelial cells is needed without fibroblasts (Jun/01/2002 )

i am surching for a PRECISE PROTOCOL concerning the seperation and culture of epithelial cells from a gingival biopsie WITHOUT GETTING FIBROBLATS in the culture dish...Is there any precise chemical treatment or mecanical treatment to be the first attempt i had fibroblasts taking over my epithelial cells in the dishes.....what to do exactly........THANKS!


You might clean up your cell culture from fibroblasts by linking them to antibody-linked dynabeads from Dynal and extracting them with a magnet. The antibody to use is the clone AS02, only to be purchased by Dianova.
From Milteny there are also fibroblast-specific beads available. But in their Catalouge there are no specifications about the antibody which is used...

I am working with Dynabeads from Dynal for quite some time now with different cell typers and found it a very convenient and reliable system. There is also a publication from Saalbach, A.( who developed the antibody), in which the method of cleaning fibroblasts from cell cultures is described.

I hope this might help!