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Vector NTI's local database - (Jul/29/2006 )

Hi everyone,

I recently downloaded the P. tricocarpa genome (fasta file: ~14mb) . I then parsed it into the Vector NTI Local Database. After maybe the first...... 500 parsed genes, my PC froze. (I purchased my PC in May; doubled the RAM, so I doubt it's a slow PC).

As a result, I would be appreciative to know what database management software(s) you guys use when working with genes/genomes? If you can recommend some notable database programs, I would be thankful.



I use Vector NTI regularly for all my cloning (all small sized vectors). I have never had problems with it so far. Except when the computer starts from screensaver back to work, vector NTI crashes.


I am using BioInfoMan database from which allows me to store thousands and thousands constructs (ranging from small size to large size) generated in my company in post several years. It really works very well for us.

Good luck!