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Tris- Cl - (Jul/26/2006 )

Hi, I have to make a buffer and one of its components is Tris-Cl. In our lab we only have Tris base and Tris free base. I don't know what Tris-Cl is. Is it different from Tris free base or tris base?




the terminology can be a bit confusing

tris-HCL usually has some HCl complexed to bring the pH closer to that of your buffer solution

tris-base is tris that, in solution, has a high pH that generally requires adjustment with HCl to bring the pH into a usable range

if you search this forum for tris-hcl and go through some of the replies, you will find more detailed explanations. this comes up pretty often; you're not the only one confused by the terminology smile.gif

also, please note that it is not simply a matter of substituting one for the other and adjusting the pH; they do not have the same molecular weight and that needs to be taken into account when preparing your solution.

good luck


adjust the pH of tris base with hcl and you have tris-cl (tris-hcl) of the pH you require.