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how the seperate dead cells from living ones. - (Aug/03/2002 )

I am looking for a method that can seperate dead cells from living cells , and then contiue culturing  the living cell, is there someone who can help me? please.


I might have misunderstood your question/problem...

I would think if you have the cells already in culture you just tripsinate them and transfer them to a new plate. Dead cells don't reattach so you can rinse the plate after a day or so and get rid of the dead ones.

-Eric Jordens-

Thank you for your concern about my problem. Yes , I already have the cells in culture. But  I am using suspension culture method, how could I do ? I hear about that ficoll or percoll may work, but I don't know the detail protocl.

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Dear Brian,

An alternative would be to use propidium iodide. This stains necrotic cells. After staining the cells can be sorted by FACS. I don't have the exact protocol because I haven't done it myself, but it seems to be a widely used method.
Ficol may be used to separate the cells. I only know it works for lyphocytes. I'm not certain which other celltypes might be included.

-Eric Jordens-

Thanks a lot Eric Jordens !


u can try to use coating matrix kit or collagen to get ur living cells adhered while the dead cells couldnt attach on it. thus, let ur cells grow further, and then rinse ur cells in culture...dead cells gone, while attached cells grow further...