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calculation question - (Jul/17/2006 )

goodmorning all friends
i am terribly bad in calculation so if u can please correct me in this
in my protocol for bacterial cell lysis its written to add :
1KU rLysozyme per 1 ml lysis reagent and my stock solution is : 300KU(30K U/ micron)
how much shoulkd i use for preparing 15 ml lysis buffer ??

its a basic question i know but i dont have a clue?


firstly i take it you meant your stock solution is 30KU/ul (microlitre)
which is equivalent to 30000KU/ml (just to get the same units as below)

and you need 1KU of lysozyme per 1ml lysis reagent (1KU/ml)

at least that is what i can gather form your post and the concentrations seem kinda fuzzy

following C1V1=C2V2
(30 000KU/ml)(V1)=(1KU/Ml)(15ml)
V1=0,0005ml or 0.5ul

if i misunderstood some concentration please let me know and i will try to help you further.

-grapes of wrath-