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Video of DNA sequencing technique - (Jul/17/2006 )

I have not done DNA sequencing before, but have to perform it, so i wonder if you know any links or websites that showing us how to perform it (gel preparation, sample loading and detection)?

Thanks alot!


what machine will you use to perform sequencing?

-T. reesei-

QUOTE (T. reesei @ Jul 18 2006, 03:53 AM)
what machine will you use to perform sequencing?

It is automated sequencing using a genetic analyzer. I have used BigDye and cycle sequenced the DNA but i have not performed the gel separation and detection parts. i wonder what to do next after i have cycle sequenced the DNA. Would anyone mind telling me how to do it?

For example how you do with:
-sample preparation after cycle sequencing?
-sample loading?
-gel separation?

Thank you so much!


autumn, have you contacted ABI or gone to their website to see if they offer a tutorial?