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What does cds in NCBI means? - What does the abbrevation cds in NCBI site stands for? (Jul/17/2006 )


Can someone clear this doubt of mine....please
In the NCBI when we search for the sequence of a particular gene how do we know whether it is genomic seuence and not cDNA sequence? what are the codes for showing the genomic DNA? And kindly tell me whether the "Complete cds" written next to a sequence title means it is the complete DNA sequence(cds) or is it cDNA sequence.Kindly clear my doubt iam attaching a NCBI seuence highlighting "complete cds". juz confirm me the code for DNA sequence in NCBI.


cds means coding sequence

as you can see in your file under features - source - it says "genomic DNA"

and it contains the intron 347 - 660 (see mRNA in the file and CDS) as well as 5' and 3' UTR which cDNA wouldn't