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U937 transfection - (Mar/26/2002 )

Does anyone know which transfection reagent is the best one for transient transfection of U937 (suspension) cells?


try with electroporation, every times it works for me .


Thanks for your advice. But I did try electroporation before, however cells showed very low viability after the shock. could you send me the protocol you have been using and also some tricks or tips to do that? Thanks.



Mammalian cell transfection conditions must be determined empirically. You've tried electroporation. Try the chemical method-CaPO4 precip. If this does not work and your lab can afford it Life Technologies offers an optimization kit with several of their cationic lipids. Qiagen has an interesting technology with Superfect which is a dendritic polymer. They also have an optimization kit. Often transfection condition can vary from lab to lab with the same cell line. The growth conditions may vary slightly, the passage number may be an issue or the transfection gods may be angry. One just doesn't know. Good luck.