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Isolating mouse keratinocytes - (Jul/25/2002 )

Does anyone have a referece to a reliable protocol for the isolation and culture of keratinocytes from mice?



 Since my research work is about keratin ,recently I read an article from"THE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY Vol. 268, No. 1, Issue of January 5, pp. 377-384,1993"  Identification of Control Elements 3’ to the Human Keratin 1 Gene That Regulate Cell Type and Differentiation-specific Expression.

   In that article they said" Mouse BK-1 Cells-Cell line BK-1 is a mouse keratinocyte cell line derived from Balb/C mice as reported (24)".  

    Reference 24 was listed as" Yuspa, S. H., Koehler, B., Kulesz-Martin, M., and Hennings, H. (1981) J.Invest. dermatol. 76,144-146."

    May be you can get this article and see if it can do some help.


Thanks, Brian, I'll check it out