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Chicken  ES cell - (May/31/2001 )

Please tell me about chicekn ES cell,i want to do something on it.Thanks!zhengqubo


Zheng:I don`t know your background, maybe you can try it.You can find some infomation from the follow papers:

1. Development 1996, Vol.122:2339-2348, Pain B. et al, Long-term in vitro culture and characterisation of avian ES cells with multiple morphogenetic potentialities. ( You can download this paper freely from )

2. Cells Tissues Organs ( formerly Acta Anatomica )1999,Vol.165(3-4):212-219. Pain B et al, Chicken ES cells and Transgenic Strategies.

If you like, you also can get some information from USA patents ( Dr. Petitte JM in NCSU has got two patents about chicken ES cells ).

Please contact me if have any other problerm freely.Would you like to introduce yourself.Good luck for you!