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conductivity of blood - (Jul/06/2006 )


can anyone tell me the conductivity of blood (@ room temperature)? (without any ads).

Thanks in advance.


a google search for 'conductivity of blood' gave me this link, amongst others



How do you post a link?


in another browser, go to the website you like. copy the address bar (ctrl + C)

then, come back here. start a reply or message as usual. then, in the toolbar at the top of the box where you type in text, you will see a little blue earth with an infinity sign next to it. click this symbol. you will get a dialogue box. remove the text that's there, then paste your web address into the first box (ctrl + V). in the second box that pops up next, type what you want to call the link. (this is the underlined part...I used 'this link' in the above post)

does this make sense?



I learnt something new today!


I found some formulas for the right number.

Now for my next question:

What would be the difference in conductivity between venous blood, arterial blood and capillairy blood (from finger).

The big differences between these blood types is the oxyhemoglobin saturation, will this change the conductivity?
The electrolytes are significally the same btw.