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Kit for Mycoplasma detection by PCR - (Jul/24/2002 )

Can anyone recommend the best commercially available kit for Mycoplasma detection by PCR.


Try to visit A.T.C.C homepage:


There are companies that will do the diagnostic for you.  It may be better since they have all the controls and assays set up.  The NIH uses this system before any new cell lines are permitted into certain labs.  There are many strains of mycoplasm that your PCR approach may not pick up.  Gibco/invtrogen has a cell based kit and (maybe) a PCR kit.  There is a company in upstate New York that will clean your cells up for a fee. I can't remember their name.  They have several set ups ranging from the high hundreds to a about 1500.  The expensive system uses a mammalian host to harbour your cells. The host immune system will kill off the mycoplasm.  Check the Web using the search engine.  Type in mycoplasm.  Alternatively, try BM-Cyclin from boehringer mannheim.  The protocol is cheap, easy, and very effective.  You'll have clean cells in about 3-4 weeks.


After frustrating staining of coverslide grown cells(DAPI and Hoechst33258), I am now using the PCR ELISA mycoplasma detection kit from Roche with good results! Good luck

-Paola PC-

Minerva Biolabs provide superior PCR detection kits for mycoplasma.
Very simple, reliable and inexpensive. biggrin.gif