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Protocol for extraction of salicylic acid - (Jul/04/2006 )


Is there a protocol available for the extraction of salicylic acid from turmeric,peanuts, tomato or radish? There is one for extracting salicylic acid from willow bark but i've not been able to access the protocol or the bark.

please help me with this.

-veena somasundaram-

Why do you need the bark? Aspirin (or dispirin) is salycilic acid essentially, you could just use that if you need salycilic acid.

Try this link anway


QUOTE (bob1 @ Jul 9 2006, 05:58 PM)
Try this link anway

This link is dead. sad.gif

-Minnie Mouse-

Link referred to:

Method for the extraction of the volatile compound salicylic acid from tobacco leaf material
Phytochemical Analysis
Volume 13, Issue 1, Date: January/February 2002, Pages: 45-50
Marianne C. Verberne, Nynke Brouwer, Federica Delbianco, Huub J. M. Linthorst, John F. Bol, Robert Verpoorte