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Stability of Tetracycline Media - Stability of Tetracycline Media (Jun/16/2006 )

Does anyone know anything about the stability (in weeks) of tetracycline-containing cell media. We're using DMEM media with 10% FBS, 2 ug/mL tetracycline, stored at 4 deg C. The media is for induction of a tet-inducible promoter for glucagon receptor expression in transfected HEK293 cells. We seem to have lost expression of the gene and were concerned about stability of the induction media with tet as one potential problem with expression.


Our antibiotic plates are good for two months at least, when stored cold in the dark. Tet is light sensitive, so exposure to light could be a problem. Also, Mg++ inactivates Tet, so magnesium containing media will be a problem.


hi amy2941 ! usually antibiotica have very less stability in solution at 37 C. Tetracylin has a stability of 3 Days at 37 C in solution.stability may be increased for few weeks by storing at 4 C protected from light . but repeated temperature fluctuations ( i mean taking the media out of the refrigirator and bringing it to RT to replinish media) will definitely decrease its stability and might result in the degradation of the antibiotic. i think it is better to prepare afresh every time you use it for induction.
this attachment shows different antibiotics their stability, etc.
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