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sodium azide on living cells? - (Jun/16/2006 )

Hi everybody,
this is a very simple question for someone, I guess.
What is the highest concentration of sodium azide (as part of an antibody storage solution) that doesn't kill cells, at least for the time of an experiment (about 1 hour)?
Is it deadly at even very low concentration?


a drop of sodium azide may kill a human. So on a liing cell blink.gif


True, inhaling the gas itself is toxic.


QUOTE (scolix @ Jun 16 2006, 07:09 AM)
True, inhaling the gas itself is toxic.

It should not kill cells. NaN3 is an energy production inhibitor, not an instant killer, such as hign concentration detergent. The typical concentration for preservation purpose is pretty low 0.1-0.5%. I assue you will further dilute your Ab 1:20 to 1:100? I think you can go ahead with it. Good luck.

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