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which antibiotic for primary culture? - (Jun/01/2006 )

I am trying to obtain primary culture from mice lymphoma. They often arise in Peyer's Patches, and when I put them in culture they get bacteria contaminated. Is there a stronger anti bacteria antibiotic I can use instead of Penn/Strep? I tried cyprofloxacin, but the cells don't like it at all.


Do u c bacterial contamination only in these cultures or on other plates (diff. cells) as well.

Get a new bottle of media and try it.

Check to c if its the cells or the media or something else the reason for contamination.


I would also be wondering if somewhere in your technique you could be causing the contamination? I would definately do as above though and check the media and check other cell lines. I would try a new batch of media. If I was in your place I would be very worried about the source of contamination. If you can fix that then you would have no need for a stronger antibiotic.


It is always TECHNIQUE. Some of us have to obtain tissue from abattoirs which are always non sterile environments, and can achieve contamination free cultures without using antibiotics. When obtaining tissue from sterile animals it is always the users technique that introduces the contamination.