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format image export - problem with quantity imager (Jun/01/2006 )


I have been trying to export an image from the software quantity imager to my computer which does not have this software, but it is impossible to open it, it displays a black image. I tried to save the image in different formats: .bmp, .tif and tried to open it with paint and photoshop but it still not working.

If you have any suggestion, please let me know.


one thing that used to work ages ago - I remember doing it on a windows box is to enclose the file name in the save as box using "".

save file as: "foo.jpg"

this would save the image as a jpeg which you cold open using anything.
Otherwise try saving as a pdf.


is there any "export to TIF" option in the file menu?
i remember having some trouble from Mac to Win, and only IrfanView freeware ( was able to open it...