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biotech research area on which to write a research proposal? - University Assignment: prepare a 3yr research proposal (May/31/2006 )

Hi smile.gif

As part of my Aussie honours project (Biotech), I am required to write a 10 page research proposal on an area of research not related to my specific project.

The problem is that this is the only area that I have a lot of knowledge in!

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I wouldn't mind one that is on the functional study of proteins, maybe with some molecular biology, because this is similar to what I have been doing.

PLease help cool.gif


i did a similiar project for my honours year, although since it was a biotech approach the project had to have a commercial value, and could to a certain extend be quite inventive.

i.e. think of something that you think recombinant DNA techniques could make possible, an invention of sorts and work around that, deciding on what experiments would be conducted to achieve the production of the molecule/plant/animal etc

i ended up going a little over board and even included commercial viability assesments, marketting plans etc

it ended up being a lot more interesting that most of the work i had done until that time, and the important thing my lectors told me that projects like these are given to show novel thinking and applications of what you have learnt

so have fun

-grapes of wrath-