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293 cell lines - (May/31/2006 )

Can somebody out there please tell me the differences between 293A, 293F and 293H cell lines?



There is a difference.

i know that the difference between 293T and 293H cells is that the H's are more sticky. But that's the limit of my knowledege (don't work with them).

if you look up the cell database, or the ACCC, they should have more info for you.



I know293FT is a 293T derived cell line,which grow faster("F")and has Neo resistant gene, you have to maintain them in medium supplemented with G418


Does anyone help me with the Geneticin working concentration that kills 293T cells? I have to do a transfection experiment using them. Also, is there any web site with 293T cells pictures?


i use 800ug/ml of genticin to the 293FTs media to maintain them selected.

During transfection, i dont use any antibiotics.