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preparation of chemopreventive drugs - DMSO as a vehicle?, help (May/26/2006 )

hi all,

i am going to study the apoptotic potential of one herbal chemopreventive compound on

cancerous cell line. i have my drug extract in paste form. for carring out the experiment io have to

disslove the drug in water. when i dissolve the drug in water, i found that only 2-3 ml can be

filtered through the .22 micron filter. and the conc also get very much diluted.

kindlly suggest me the various strategy for the disssolutin of drug while doing the invitro studies.

i saw in most paper that drug are dissolved in DMSO, what does it means that drug dissloved in

total DMSO. but if it is then, what about the toxic nature of the DMSo.

i am looking forward for ur kind response.

thanx in advance.


You can use 0,1% final concentration of DMSO in your experiment. However you have to considerer a DMSO control sample to verify its toxicity or DMSO interferences with your endponts.