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spores isolation - (May/16/2002 )

How to isolate quickly spores from yeasts, indeed about 30% of yeasts sporulate and i want to catch them .


I don't really get GreatApe's advice. My suggested approach to isolating yeast ascospores very quickly would be FACS. My research presently centres on examining fungi using flow cytometry, so please PM me if you decide to go down this road, Franck wink.gif


I know nothing about yeast sporulation, but I believe GreatApe's suggestion would work with bacterial sporulation. Basically you just need to create a hostile environment. I know that you can induce most spore-forming bacteria to sporulate with ethanol, but I'm not sure about yeast.



Freezing bacteria at -50 C would just freeze them - before the whole assymetrical division doo-dah business can be set in process. rolleyes.gif

I seem to remember something about nitrogen limitation which you might want to ask about. I collaborate with someone who is a yeast geneticist in her spare time, so I will ask her.


found this at a great site called


does this help you?