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optimal PH for HBS? - (May/20/2006 )

Hi,everyone, I decide to prepare 2xHBS by myself to do Ca3(Po4)2 transfection, but there is a problem the PH of HBS seems to be cruial for the tranfection efficiency, Could anybody experienced in this suggest the optimal pH? Thanks!


HBS pH is always a problem. Every protocol I have seen has a different pH. You have to customize it.

Make a litre of HBS with different pH (4 different ones). Try them out and comapre them. Use the one which works and it should last for a year.

I used to work with pH 7.03 and now I am using 7.12.

good luck


I'm doing Calcium phosphate on 293T's and use a pH of exactly 7 with great succes.


I do as scolix,
Prepare 25 ml of hbs of different pH, and test them every time i ran out of stock. am using 7.0 now


i use ph 7.3 and it also works great smile.gif