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Membrane potentials - (May/20/2006 )

Hi there

Could someone please explain these questions to me....I am a little confused...either that or I have the whole CONCEPT of Resting membrane potential wrong!!!

Well first RMP is the electrical potential across a cell membrane when at rest ie when no charge is into and out of a cell correct? is this the same as no action potentials being generated?

and equilibrium potential is the electrical potential needed to balance that of the ionic conc. gradient right? What does this exactly mean?

sooo I do not understand what the difference in the Nernst equation and Goldman equation is???

Someone please help!!!
Thanks in advance


Best is if you could get an electrophysiology book and get the basics.

Resting potential is the potential when the cell is at rest and no action potential is generated.

Nernst equation is used to calculate the membrane potential when only one ion is considered and Goldman equation is used when more than one ion is to be used to calculate the membrane potential.