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Mammalian Cell adhesion and proliferation on biomaterials - (May/19/2006 )

I have an issue. I need to use cloning cylinders (CS) to create an area onto biomaterials so i can test mammalian cell adhesion and proliferation. I normaly deposit the layer of material onto the bottom of a culture plate and then set the CS on the film. Then i poor my cells into the CS and hope for the best. The problem as you might of figured out allready is that i have a leaking problem. So the question is: Does someone have an idea how could i prevent the leak. Somesort of none toxic jelly would be fantastic. All crazy ideas are welcome.


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Depending how wide a bore the cylinders are, could you plug them with the biomaterial and still be able to detect adherance?

Could you culture on agar or wax and push the cylinder into the agar or wax? Need to test your mammalian cells do ok on this & you'd probably have to modify the constituents in the mix.

Is there a PEG that you could use as the growth base?

Could you seal the end of the cylinder with a piece cut from gas permeable contact lens? May need to coat this with the biomaterial first.

What about parafin gel? Need to test the cells with this first.

Could you coat the lip of the cylinder with a hydrophobic protein or mucopolysaccharide, like making cocktail glasses frosted with sugar.

If you fill the cylinder as you have been doing but then plug the top, will that stop the flow through? I imagine the bore has to be pretty small for that to work. A wax plug might do the trick.