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yeast s.cerevisiae - BY4741 background (May/17/2006 )

Hi everyone or anybody in the yeast community:

Does anybody know if the Delta ura3, Delta met15, Delta leu2 in the By4741 background are complete deletions? I know the his3 delta 0 is only a partial deletion and I got revertants.



The strain is described in Brachmann et al Yeast 14:115-132 (1998), my take on the paper is that the Delta ura3, Delta met15, Delta leu2 deletion are the ORF plus as much 5' and 3' UTR as they could get away with without interfering with the neighboring genes. From figure 3, the delta ura 3 goes from minus 223 to 880, the delta met15 goes from minus 259 to 2146 and delta leu2 goes from -6525 to 1158.

Please correct me if I am wrong. My question is how did the his delta1 mutation get into BY4741, all the parental strains leading upto BY4741 (i.e. BY418 and FY4) are his3delta200?

Cheers Dave