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geneticin add to RPMI medium, medium change color - (May/16/2006 )

Dear all
when geneticin add to my medium whichis RPMI contain 10%FCS, change to yellow, which means the PH changed. Is it going to affect my cells?


depends on how long does th pH get back to neutral.
But as the pH acidify when cells grow, you must take in count the relative acidification of medium by the cells.
Anyway, sorry if that's not clear enough. In those cases, when adding antibiotics, i let the medium under the hood, uncapped, and the medium slowely increase in term of pH. you can increase this augmentation rate by pipetting up and down the medium at relative high speed. That incorporates some air in it and helps basify (can we actually say "basify? blink.gif)


I use genticin for my cells and it changes color all the time and the cells perform well. You just have to find the right concentration of Genticin, then its ok.


The spight color change when I add g418 (same molecule as geneticin) disappears after a few up and down pippetation. Cells grow fine, so I wouldn't worry


Thank you very much.
That is really helpful. now I would not worry too much.