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Plasmid map of the clone with APE or DNA Strider - (May/16/2006 )

Hello All,

So I have done very routine cloning by inserting a fragment in the home-grown vector, now I wamt to make a colourful map of this clone. I have programs called as ApE (A plasmid editor) and DNA Strider (OS 9 version) at my disposal.

Can anyone suggest me how can I make such picturesque map. I need to highlight the insert, the restriction enzymes used to clone and couple of other restriction sites on vector and insert.

If its not possible with these programs, any other freewares?

Many thanks

-Jiang M-

this pic i made with ApE ... it's really easy. standard elements as promoter etc. are recognized and you can add your own sequences that will then be depicted as well


Thanks for your reply.
Would you please mind offering didactic instructions. I am hitting my head but not successful so far.

-Jiang M-