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Ery lysis - How to lyse ery's? (May/15/2006 )

I did not were to put this Q, maybe here?

I need to 100% lysis of erythrocytes in a blood sample without using any chemicals.
Would high temperature or sonication do the job?




what is the purpose of it?
You can achieve it by rinse them briefly in water, and incubate them in ddH2O. It will drive the osmotic lysis.


I'm using a conductivity detector in mircochip Capillaire electrophoresis. So I rather not ad something to my blood sample, because I have to validate this messurement.

If I incubate it by 50 degrees C (320 K(?)), spectin will denaturate. Will this be enough to lyse the cell?


Maybe a few freeze/thaw cycles would do the job?

-John Buckels-

I thought of that, but I've got to be certain that almost 100% lysis will occur. Freeze/thaw will not give me any certanty of the number of lysed cells.

The use of only negative charged ions in a lysis solution can be considered, however I prefer no adititive.

Any other ideas?


Everything I know is chemical. Sorry

-John Buckels-

Ok, thnx for your reply's


Just leave the cells overnight in your car or even in the sun on a bench for the afternoon. I work in a clinical lab and the number of haemolysed samples I get because someone has done just that...arggh.