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How often do you change culture vessels? - (May/04/2006 )

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Normally i dont even bother changing my flask. Sometimes when i passage my attached cells, after detachment it would be impossible to remove all the cells so i jst subculture in a new flask and seed back the cells in the old flask. If you prefer to save on your flask usage.. try subculturing at a higher dilution.. i normally subculture once every two weeks or so... but it would vary with different cell lines. If you intend to re-use ur flask... to be safe... ensure u have enough frozen cells in store and try to use one new flask only... may be safer...


If you subculture at low density, it is supposed to harm cells somehow. I don't know how, but then I don't know hows of many things...


if a cell wont come off when i trypsinise it then i dont want it in my flask
thus i change flasks every time



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