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MCF-7 growing in suspension - (May/04/2006 )


We have tried to grow MCF-7 cells from frozen several times now; frozen in 20%FBS media + 9%DMSO as done previously; -80 o/night then transferred to liquid nitrogen; thawed rapidly adn viability shows ~60% viable cells...

However after 2*passages the cells are growing rapidly but not adhering

Has anyone else had similar problems?



I've been having similar problems with cells (NCTC clone 1469) I ordered from ATCC. They grow well and the cells seem to be viable, but very few are adhering ... most are growing in suspension.


What medium do you use?

-Minnie Mouse-

I've never had that problem with my MCF-7 cells, I use a RPMI 1640 medium with 10%FCS, 10ml pen/strep and 10ml Na-Pyruvate.
do you coat your plates/flasks to make the cells adhere better? I never have, but could it be worth a try?



I froze my MCF-7 with 10%DMSO in pure FBS. So far have't got any problems with its viability and attachment. Hope this will help.