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Help! Lentivirus titration - (Apr/27/2006 )

Hello everyone!
I was wondering if there was away to isolate the DNA from a lentiviral prep and determine the titer this way due to the virus I am creating does not encode for a fluor. tag etc. Also, I am not sure whether or not the protein I am trying to over express (hJagged1) will in fact be over expressed in primary rat fibroblasts.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.



A common method for lentiviral titration is by measuring viral p24 antigen.

Do u have any other antibiotic resistance gene (like Zeocin or puramycin) to help you with titration.


Make serial dilutions of your virus on your target cells. If possible, try to measure p24 antigen or check at which dilution you can still see cytopathic effect or plaques, or measure RT-activity in your supernatans?