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Polyploidy in plants - (Apr/26/2006 )

Polyploidy is a commun phenomenon in the plant kingdom. Does polyploid plants have an advantage and why?


check out the following article

Comai L.
The advantages and disadvantages of being polyploid.
Nat Rev Genet. 2005 Nov;6(11):836-46. Review.

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alternatively if you dont have access to nature check out the following article its freely available on pubmed

Paterson AH.
Polyploidy, evolutionary opportunity, and crop adaptation.
Genetica. 2005 Feb;123(1-2):191-6. Review.

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It might also help to look up in your class textbook prior to asking easy homework answers.


take a look in tomato development. It's called "endoreduplication"...


yes of course polyploidy is many times beneficial tp plants .many examples are there as triploid watermelon is seedless, also triploid tea has got better colour and flavour and many lots of examples are there.