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Tissue culture Infective dose - Infect the Human tumor ell culture by Newcastle virus (Apr/26/2006 )

Hi for all of u................

Iam doing in tissue cultures.. i have 3 human tumor cells (Hela, MCF-7, HepG2)+ 2 Embryo Chicken (fibroplast & Kidney) ..... i were cultured all of thi s cells in DMEM ...human tumor cells it's Grew in good confluences..NOW i need to infect this human tumor cells (Hela, MCF-7, HepG2) with Newcastle disease virus ....

(1) There is any protocol to infect this cell by NDV ??? What is Suitable Infective Dose??

(2) any information about cultivation of chicken cells??


I can't help you, but this websitemight if you put your search terms there and dig up the literature