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Eukaryote's RNA Polimerases - transcription 3' to 5'? (Apr/20/2006 )

I got a question on a test, it said: Why eukaryotic RNA polimerase, contrary to prokaryotic RNA polimerase, transcribe 3' to 5'?

As far as I know all RNA polimerases transcribe 5' to 3', so I answered that but I got it wrong. I have been looking but I find no answer, Can somebody help me with this issue? I would appreciate it to much. I'm mad about that bad note =(.



RNA polymerases are DNA dependent enzymes that are capable of elongationfrom 3' OH terminus. So they are 5'3' RNA DNA-dependant polymerases.
I think the pb is elsewhere...
The polymerases read the template strand in sense 3' to 5' in order to elong 5' to 3' complementary.