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5mC analysis by LC/MS ? - (Apr/17/2006 )

member hn37041 posted his use of LC/MS for global methylation analysis.
I have been browsing PubMed and I only found this reference:

· Anal Chem. 2002 Sep 1;74(17):4526-31.
· A method to assess genomic DNA methylation using high-performance liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization mass spectrometry.
· Friso S, Choi SW, Dolnikowski GG, Selhub J.

Friso et al. use 1 ug gDNA, while hn37041 uses 10-100ng only.

I'd appreciate knowing of other references, or about further details or protocol (either from hn37041 or from any other fellow).



LC/MC instruments these days are far more sensitive than the olden days justifying the use of such amounts of starting gDNA material.



Specific Method for the Determination of Genomic DNA Methylation by Liquid Chromatography-Electrospray Ionization Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Anal. Chem.
Song et al
Year 2005

this is the paper I used