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Cell Viability VS Cell Proliferation assays - (Apr/17/2006 )

I am confused. blink.gif
Is there any difference between cell viability and cell proliferation?
What are the assays to check for these two, besides trypan blue and MTT for cell viability? Cell proliferation assay?
Thank you.


MTT or its soluble derivatives can also be used to measure cell proliferation. In my opinion there isn't much difference between these two assay types since they essentially measure the same thing (# of cells/mitochondrial respiration) to determine viability vs. proliferation.


I'm in the process of using Promega's Cell Titer-Glo kit for cell viability. Supposedly it takes 10 minutes... we'll see how things go. I plan on comparing it to trypan blue to see if it's worth the cost. I'll post back here later with my impressions.