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effect of muscles in cold water - (Apr/15/2006 )

Hi everyone, I am currently conducting a study and I have about something:
Here is the problem:

Thinking that you will go for a swim you approach a swimming pool and submerge your toes into the water. The water is very cold, which prompts you reflexively to withdraw your foot. In terms of feedback circuit, in this case the muscles that moved quickly can though of as which of the following?

- The receptor
- The control center
- The effector
- The signaler
- The sensor

Thanks in advance for your help!




What does that stand for?


it means

we are here to help if it appears that you are making an effort on your own behalf; however we are not here to do your homework.

if you make an initial effort...for example, tell us what you already know, where you have looked, and what you think the answer might be and why...then we will help you. If you simply post your homework questions you cannot expect us to answer them for you.

I am sorry

oh, by the way, I am not guessing here...I have seen your other posts, and it is pretty evident that your questions are homework dry.gif


first, this forum is not intented to do your homework for you. If you have such question, post the reply you think it is (and in your case with some justifications) and we'll surely help to solve this, and eventually correct you.

second, try to think about the role of muscles... They are activated in response to the cold water... But the simple reflex (the more basical one) is the postural reflex. here it's more complicated circuit.
What d you think as a repsonse?