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project's presentation-16S rRNA - comments are appreciated (Apr/10/2006 )


attached is my project's presentation slides for my upcoming viva. the title of my project is 16S rRNA identification of sulphur oxidizing bacterium.

welcome any kinda comments/ questions/ suggestions so i can be better prepared for it.

thanks for your time.



Hi, Okay I am breezing through this and I only know a little about the project but here are some comments...

--I like the shadow effect on the title on the first page but I think it should be unshadowed titles for the rest of the slides (except thank you on the last slide that one is large enough to see well with the shadow too)

--I LOVE the banners on the left hand side showing what part of the presentation you are in and what is coming up I may steal that one from you it is excellent!

--I call what you have labeled "ruler" a "marker" probably is irrelevent but double check that...

--There is alot of text... I get lectured about this from my advisor every time... It seems like he doesnt want ANY text (but you have to have SOME!...) anyway- try to illustrate with pictures and just say what is relevant as much as possible... Like slide 5 -- At any rate, DO NOT READ your slides!!!! Some text slides you may be able to eliminate and just say what is on that slide with the previous picture (especially in the results section..) I think you are okay but just remember the more pics and less words the more interesting your presentation will be to the audience... (if you dont have much time and already practiced and feel comfortable with this then go with it as it is (it is still really good) and try to do more pics next time...)

--Conclusion slide "SOB was identified to be" this sounds funny to me... try --was shown to have 98% similarity with and is likely to be related to- or something like that... "was identified to be" sounds awkward to me...

--same slide second bullet point change to--- suggesting that all steps of the proceedure from DNA

--very next slide-first sentance should begin as follows-- To increase the confidence in this identification

--second bullet on that slide --switch is to can be --- "can be screened and identified"

I hope these suggestions help you and good luck on your presentation!!!!


I have just had a flip through using open office - I suspect there is a massive drop in quality caused by this software - however the content looks good.

The one question I would pose would be why you used clustalw instead of muscle (as this has been shown to be better than clustal) and why you used phylip rather than any other bits of software that are a bit more recent.

The flags are a really really nice idea - as beccaf said, I will pinch these too!

Good luck with your viva.