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alternative plant biology - information about non-conventional research (Apr/09/2006 )

Hi there,
Im a biology student with main focus on plant physiology. id like to know more about research teams investigating on non-convential subjects of plant biology. id like to collect ideas for my thesis and further studies. does anyone know where to find some more information on the subject? maybe someone can help me?



what do you mean, specifically, by non-conventional?

are you familiar with pubmed? if you are looking for any sort of published work, this is the best place to start

also, google can help you if you have some good search terms to narrow it a bit

I wanted to learn about components and actions of tea tree oil, and both places yielded a wealth of good information


well, im thinking about investigations about phenomenons like "feelings" or auras of plants, homeopathy, research about Rudolf Steiner's ideas about agriculture, etc.. i guess just things people still are trying to find a scientific explanation for, or any proof that they do/ don't exist.
e.g., ive read the book "secret life of plants" and some of what is mentioned seem to me quite interesting. but as the book doesnt say very much about the experiments made, the credibility still remains quite low. thats why id like to know more about all that and maybe find a research team to join one day...