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cells with inserts vs cells - (Mar/31/2006 )

Do bacerial cells with inserts grow slower than normal bacterial cells?


do you mean plasmids? chromosomal inserts?

they will grow more slowly because it takes slightly longer to make the extra DNA...but SLIGHTLY, and I think not a difference you will really see unless you're talking about massive amounts of extra DNA


Your strain's growth will be dependent on the contents of your plasmid rather than the size. If you are expressing any genes on the plasmid (resistence, reporters, etc.) you may experience a marked decrease in growth rate.


plasmid DNA replication will affect your cells in a neglible way, however, it you put a gene under a strong promoter forcing the cells the produce large protein quantities growth rate can be affected to quite a high degree

but should you just be enquiring in relation to wild type plasmids, the affects will be almost impossible to see

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