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need help! removal of contaminating DNA - (Mar/30/2006 )

Hi there!

I'm a student planning a project on "Removal of contaminating DNA from forensic samples" at the moment. Its basicly about methods of DNA destruction which can be used to clean samples before extracting DNA.
Can anyone of you help me out with methods that I could use!? Do you know any good paper on this topic?

Thank you!!!! biggrin.gif


There's an e-book you can look at Forensic DNA typing.

You should probably look at the methods used to extract ancient DNA, as those papers would go in more detail about elimanting contamination problems. I'll PM you a paper that should be helpful.

Also there is an interesting article in the croatian medical journal, ( It's all about DNA quantification in forensics.

Check out pub med, and maybe have a look around if there are any forensic boards. They're bound to be around, expecially with shows like CSI etc on telly.