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yeast two hybrid, yeast can't grow in liquid medium - (Mar/29/2006 )

I did a yeast two hybrid using BD Matchmaker Library Construction & Screening Kits few days ago, and got 83 clones. These clones grow well on SD/–Ade/–His/–Leu/–Trp plates. However, when transfered to SD/–Ade/–His/–Leu/–Trp liquid medium or SD/–His/–Leu/–Trp liquid medium, they can not grow.
Can anyone give me some suggestions?
Thanks a lot!


i have not meet this problem when i did yeast two-hybrid screening,so i have no idea what happen to your selected clones. are you sure the culture temperature is right? or maybe you can try to change fresh culture medium(SD/-4) and pick more yeast to culture
good luck


Thank you very much! smile.gif