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Ordering CHO-K1 cells - (Mar/27/2006 )

I am from Canada and I am trying to order some CHO-K1 cells to do transfections. The only place I know of is ATCC and they charge 205USD for the cells which is reasonable but they said to send to me they also need to charge 125USD for the US Fish and Wildlife permit as well as 165USD for shipping and handling. Now I think that's a bit crazy. Does anyone in Canada know of a better company of obtaining CHO cells? I tried Sigma and they made me wait 3 weeks thinking it was coming only to find out this morning they can't ship to canada at all. XXXheads. Sorry.
Please help I am so desperate.


try cambrex. check their web site. but you may be running up against us regulations that any company
may be required to comform.
good luck.
what do other large schools and institutions in canada do? try calling their research depart and pick some