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Trying on genes - (Mar/27/2006 )

I have been thinking about the future of human evolution. A lot of shows on the science channel suggest that in the future the human body will be fused with machines. From computer chip brain implants to nanobots reconstructing mollecular biology it appears the human race is in for some very drastic/dramatic changes. My question is about the practicality/possibility of trying on genes.

In the future will humans be able to perform cosmetic surgery on their deepest constructs. Will an individual be able to select genes to add or take away from their own genetic make up? Will we be trying on genes?

Imagine programming your genetic make up to change in a guided series of mutations. What would it be like to say, take on characteristics of an ape? One human being could select to off a few genes of their own and take on a few genes of the ape for a given amount of time. In this they might experience what it is to be an ape and then take back their original make up. How much of the original self identity would remain if DNA/genetics is the rock on which an individuals brain/self machine is mounted? If one were to take away certain characteristics of their genes as a means of changing towards a specie of lesser intelligence it would compromise the original brain. The brain is a mind machine. How similar is an apes mind to a humans mind? Changing the brain would change the mind in such a way that the original consciousness of said individual would be drastically changed.

Would the same be true for desirable traits being applied to ones own genes. Intelligence for example might be viewed as a desirable trait. Would boosting ones intelligence destroy ones previous consciousness. My guess is in some senses yes. For example if one were to improve cognitive function by improving whatever brain characteristics contribute to improved cognition, one might become more situationally aware, revealing deeper insights into their personal anema and the world around, thus replacing the less enlightened charactersistics that they previously embodied. This is in obvious contrast to the mechanism for change in the previous paragraphs human to ape scenario, in which intelligence was sacrificed in order to achieve a less capable structure or base "consciousness machine" or in other words brain.

What would an individual go through while experiencing self selecting evolution over the course of their life? Changes could be gradual and like the boiling frog analogy could be catastrophic to the original consciousness, or unique mind of the individual; the persons soul if you will. The pioneers of human gene selection it seems will be taking incredible risks in tampering with the deepest structures of the human machine. Potential for apocalyptic consequences have never put humans off of their competitive nature before and it seems only a matter of time before powerful new genetically modified brains produce more capable minds.

In what different directions will our specie take self selection of genes? Is it possible that happiness could be viewed as a desireable trait? Will individuals select happiness genes until they are budha like and end up meditating under trees for a now universal time potential?

Could intelligence arrange all energy in the universe into one huge mind machine?

I find that the mind/body problem is the mirror I most wish to clean from my present perspective. I am peeking into what is invariably a part of my beautifully imperfect reflection. Maybe mind is body clearing up the reflection of itself. Maybe body is mind making itself possible. Most conveniently both and. And what? Beautifull.

How does what is esentially a machine, ie the physical universe, or "the 'body'", result in mind?

Matter (condensed energy) arranged itself in a self replicating way which gave rise to competition which resulted in survival of the fittest which brought about self awareness. What is responsible for driving this cosmic machine that is the physical universe? Really, what?? Thoughts on god time... Dimensions beyond what we are able to touch with anything other than minds imagination may actually be. I hope that imagination cannot be ultimately quanticised, I think? LOL. The unknowable is. And thats all folks. Time to return to the heart. That beautiful beautiful beautiful harmony between mind and body; passionate dream. May the beauty be with you.


well you wrote alot but really intresting,

first of all do you think that human is out of the universe evolution system?
or I got it wrong.
well I think human is within universal evolution so every thing that we do
is within the system and when you are inside something you can only change the
rate of evolution not the destination.
do you agree or not?