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Nuclear staining - staining with a non-nuclear antibody - (Mar/19/2006 )


I have noticed a few antibody specific speckles in my dermal fibroblast cultures. The problems is the antibody is against one of the procollagens. This procollagen does not have any known nuclear import/export sequences and i am confused why I am getting nuclear staining?

The speckles do not overlap nuclear chromatin, so i assume it is specific staining. Not ALL cells have this speckle staining pattern. Therefore i assume that during mitosis, when there is rearrangment of the nucleous, residual procollagens are making their way into the nucleous and eventually make their way back out into the cytoplasm?

Is this possible? does anyone have any ideas, not particular to procollagens, but in general what might be happening?

Thanks for the help!


green is the antibody stain


the background is too high. i think it's more like non-specific staining,the other way, your photo seem to not be confocol image,maybe you can try catch image with confocol