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receptor binding assay - (Mar/16/2006 )

Hi all!
i am going to start soon some experiments with receptor binding assay. i am going to use iodinated growth factor and supposed to do some competition experiments.
can anyone help me with good site that explains the theory behind the assay, methods to analyze the results, ets.


Any well-written, standard pharmacology textbook will provide you with all the details you need. Certain books will also explain the different possible analytical methods (Scatchard, Lineweaver-Burke, etc)


Hi nexuson,
Hope you were successful in your receptor binding assay. Even I've started doing some receptor binding assays. I refer to graph website. Can you suggest me what are the important points I should take into consideration while doing these experiments. I use millipore high throughput multiscreen assay and measure it in Perkin Elmer B counter. The peptide is I -125 labelled. Is it better to do in whole cells or membrane receptors as the chances of degradation of protein is a major issue that I encounter. Although I use positive control but I'm hardly getting any count,most of it is lost in unbound fraction and I hardly get bound counts in 100-150. I'm really frustrated with the constant failures since I started these experiments.
Thanking in anticipation.