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How long can Bisulfite treated DNA be stored? - (Mar/16/2006 )

I find that keeping all PCR conditions same sometimes a recation works and sometimes it doesn't.
I was wondering how long can one store (what temp?) and use successfuly bisulfite treated DNA?



hi learning,

if you perform a search in the forum I think you will find some answers as this question has come up before, but to save you the effort,

The DNA can be stored up to one year at -20C in my hands.



Hi Nick

Thanks for that reply.

I search the fourm (now!!) and found the earlier replies too dry.gif

Sometimes when everything seems to be going wrong, i guess even a simple search IS an effort!

Thanks anyways.



desperation does do strange things, I am a victim of it also!

all the best for your methylation adventures.



Hi learning,

I was able to sucessfully amplify bisulphite-treated DNA stored at -80ºC for 3 years. But I think it depends also on the method because with agarose beads protocol, I can only amplify during one month after storing at 4ºC.
I hope this helps smile.gif



That question goes along with ... does modified DNA degrade faster than normal ? how can I have huge smears as a MS PCR product ?? or that isnt degraded DNA... ??



a smear after MS-PCR would suggest degenerate primer binding sites within your sample producing a range of products giving rise to the smear, or it could also indicate mispriming which would suggest your Tm in the your cycles is a little too low, i may suggest increasing the Tm step of your PCR to see if you smear goes away to give a distinct band.

Good luck