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express bacteria gene in planta - (Mar/16/2006 )


I would like to express a gene of Streptococcus (bacteria) in Arabidopsis. Now my question is: Will there be any problems of codon usage? Since Streptococcus uses different codon frequencies as the plant Arabidopsis and therefore it could be that the protein will not (or at a low level) be expressed in the plant.
Does any one has experiences with expressing bacteria genes in plants? How can I investigate the codon usage and how do I now if there will be any trouble?




in my small experience of expressing proteins in plants ,
i think it totally depends on ur gene

depends on the sequence , it if has lots of codons thats not used in EUkaryotes , then expression might be less or not at all

then , depends on the folding of the protein, the glycosylation and other post translational modification procedure in plants is different than in bacteria ,, hence even if ur protein gets expressed , there might be a chance that it gets modified differently so that its function might change

if u want to express it in plants u have to clone it after a plant expression vector that has good promoters and enhancers before the MCS like TEV 35S promoter or CaMV 35s Promoter or TEV enchancer sequence etc or others

i dont know any program that checks for the rare codons maybe if u search the web u might find it, or u can try manually check it by checking the codons aganist the list of rare codons in bacteria
they are availbe on searching the net i think

i have experience in expressing viral genes in plants , well some work some dont give much yeild
depends on ur gene and protein

hope this clarifies some part of ur doubt