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help!-- plant cell culture - (Mar/12/2006 )

hi , guys , nice to say something to you, I am a chinese ,i come here by accident and begin to love here at once . i want to be your friends sincerely. I studied ecology in the past three years, and at last , i found what i really like isnt it. so, i jion the examination of DICP, and passed. At present, i am expected by tutor to research plant cell culture, such as toxal etc. My tutor is overseas at most time, in the new field, i have no friend and dont know how to start the studying. Although i have learned many basic techique and method, but i want the better help. so , the website occur to me . if you have some website address and bbs about the plant cell culture, would you please tell me , and i hunt the protocol about the plant cell culture all the time if you are familiar with the field , i plea to have your help !!!! thanks !!!
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what related protocols you need please specify. i may help you.